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A talk with: Zaven

The design studio based in Venice founded by Enrica Cavarzan and Marco Zavagno - which was involved in the Inspirationals installation created for the previous edition of the Milan Design Week - is once again joining forces with Novamobili and presenting two new living area designs at the 2017 International Furniture Show.

What does designing for everyday spaces mean?

We think about and design objects that we'd like to have and use. We envisage different rooms that we could live in and hence kinds of objects that belong to the home's many different moments.

What needs do you aim to meet?

The objects have to serve the spaces' purpose. Their dimension, softness, the enjoyment we get from using them are all important in creating familiarity. They have to sit well in a domestic setting as well as a work environment.

What's your idea of home?

A house that is constantly transforming, warm, textural, colourful, full of stories and objects that have a history. We like a home that speaks, a personal and personalized space.

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