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Beautiful, strong and ecologically sustainable: introducing the new Organic Coating used by Novamobili.

Novamobili adopted water-based lacquering back in 2002: a responsible choice that is part of a wider sustainability drive, which the company has been supporting and promoting since day one. 2023 marks the transition to organic water-based organic coatings, taking the previous systems to the next level with an even more eco-friendly option.

Organic water-based  coatings are in line with the latest green policies and have an exceptionally low environmental impact, while still offering the same resistance, hardness, brilliance and impressive aesthetic performance.

Safe for the environment and people, these coatings are completely non-toxic due to their lower VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) content.The use of organic acrylic resins — processed from recycled plant waste — means we can reduce our carbon dioxide emissions significantly and adopt a virtuous production cycle that is kind to nature based on circular economy principles.

A responsible and sustainable choice, supplementing Novamobili's own self-imposed rules in order to promote and pursue the idea of ecologically sustainable design: with the use of organic water-based coatings, we reduce CO2 emissions by 8.5 tonnes every year, the equivalent of a car driving almost twice around the Earth.

Everything we do has an effect. The same goes for Novamobili: furniture has an impact on people's lives. As well as on resources, the landscape, and on the wellbeing of our team. This is why our awareness has morphed over time into sustainability. Being sustainable, for the good of all.

Find out more about Novamobili's environmental commitment.