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Environment and Safety

A solid tradition, specialized know-how and an unwavering innovation-oriented focus - in the spirit of a sustainable culture - are the values that shape the quality and the creativity of Novamobili's designs.

Recognizing occupational and environmental health and safety as a priority, Novamobili has adopted an integrated management system in its workplaces. The integrated system, according to standards UNI EN ISO 14001 and UNI ISO 45001, is the product of Novamobili's commitment to maintaining the best possible conditions for all workers who operate in or on behalf of the company and to constantly assessing the impact that each activity carried out, whether directly or indirectly, might have on the environment. This commitment has led us to become environmentally certified to UNI EN ISO 14001. Novamobili furniture uses panels that feature international certification: Ecological Panel (for the use of 100% recycled timber) and Carb2 (California Air Resources Board) and materials sourced from the supply chain.

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Sustainable growth and the implementation of an environmentally conscious approach to safeguard our precious natural heritage are two of the challenges that Novamobili sets itself every day. This is why we have our own self-imposed rules in place to ensure the use of environmentally compatible materials and sustainable coating processes: Novamobili was one of the first companies to use water-based paints and, in line with its policy of continuous improvement on the environmental protection front, aims to complete its transition to organic water-based paints by the end of 2023. The use of organic water-based UV coatings will result in an annual reduction in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere of around 8.5 tonnes, which is the equivalent of a car driving for approx. 73,000 km, namely around the world 1.8 times.

Novamobili is committed to further reducing the environmental impact of our products and production processes. An important contribution for the wellbeing and future of us all, because sustainable management in the manufacturing of a quality product not only respects the planet's resources, but also creates a lasting value and brings benefits to all those involved in the company's activities, whether directly or indirectly, from customers to workers.