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Apr 2018 / NEW

A Colourful story: the full collection

Check out the gallery!

Feb 2018 / NEW

Philippe Nigro shows us Pontile and talks about his creation

At Imm Cologne 2018, Philippe Nigro presented Pontile, the new flexible, customi...

Jan 2018 / EVENTS

Imm Cologne 2018 - Thank you for visiting us!

A colourful story at Imm Cologne 2018. A selection of photos to give you a snaps...

Oct 2017 / NEW

Living System, Sofa Collection and Details Collection

Three new catalogues define the living area

Apr 2017 / NEW

A talk with: Zanellato/Bortotto

Founded by Giorgia Zanellato and Daniele Bortotto, the design studio based in Tr...

Apr 2017 / NEW

Philippe Nigro presents Pontile

With its distinctive modularity, the Pontile system can adapt to suit the space....

Apr 2017 / NEW

A talk with: Makoto Kawamoto

Of Japanese descent but now a naturalized Italian, Makoto Kawamoto lives and wor...

Apr 2017 / NEW

Makoto Kawamoto presents Kuri and Origin

Il designer nipponico ha sviluppato due proposte dedicate alla zona living accum...

Apr 2017 / NEW

Zanellato/Bortotto present Rose and Haiku

Creative duo Zanellato/Bortotto have designed two new chairs for the living room...

Apr 2017 / NEW

Zaven present Float and Sunny

The creative duo have turned their attention to the Novamobili living room with....

Apr 2017 / EVENTS

A colourful story: Novamobili @ Milano Design Week

Apr 2017 / NEW

Matteo Zorzenoni presents Hanami, Torii, Velvet, Cliff and Navy

For the living area, Matteo Zorzenoni has designed the Hanami and Torii tables w...