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Systems for designing contemporary living spaces

Wall 30 /Systems for designing contemporary living spaces

The home seen as both a starting point and a destination. A dynamic structure, capable of capturing moods and welcoming diversity, accommodating the past,the present and continuous change.
Novamobili designs and produces systems with the aim of developing unique, personal solutions, catering to all the needs of our contemporary lifestyles, in an elegant synthesis of originality and design.

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Velvet sofa

Sofa Collection /Velvet sofa

Designed by Matteo Zorzenoni, Velvet is an enveloping sofa with a strong connotation in its forms. Raised on cast aluminium legs, Velvet becomes a sort of soft one-piece design with organic shapes.

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 Kuri sideboard

Details Collection / Kuri sideboard

Designed by Japanese designer Makoto Kawamoto, the Kuri sideboard is a coloured storage unit that comes in three sizes. The carcass and fronts are available in rovere cognac, rovere naturale and matt lacquered finishes. The open shelving can be ordered in a matt lacquered finish; legs come in rovere naturale or open-pore matt lacquered finish.

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 Outline units

Living System / Outline units

Outline units can be used to create a wall display in new configurations. Structure available in any of the matt lacquered colours and backpanel in decor, super-matt and eco-wood finishes, the carcass can be teamed with a back panel in a different finish.

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The Alfa Intono hinged door wardrobe can be painted in the same colour used for your walls.

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