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Reveal or conceal, store away or display, the Perry hinged door wardrobe is made from toughened glass.
The Alfa Intono hinged door wardrobe can be painted in the same colour used for your walls.
Capacious, functional and modular, the Break walk-in closet can be fitted with a whole host of accessories.
Novamobili introduces veneered finishes

Siri Bed /Novamobili introduces veneered finishes

Research, development and meticulous attention, the keywords of a company ahead of the curve, Novamobili offers a new collection where contemporary style, materials and shapes come together to produce an array of ever-new and original products.

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Systems for designing contemporary living spaces

Wall 12 /Systems for designing contemporary living spaces

The home seen as both a starting point and a destination. A dynamic structure, capable of capturing moods and welcoming diversity, accommodating the past,the present and continuous change.
Novamobili designs and produces systems with the aim of developing unique, personal solutions, catering to all the needs of our contemporary lifestyles, in an elegant synthesis of originality and design.

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