Hinged door


Door with decorative battens, push-to-open mechanism, available with curved modules.
Doors with decorative vertical battens, curved modules and push-to-open mechanisms are the features characterizing the exclusive Stave hinged door wardrobe. The push-to-open system makes the door functional and aesthetically flawless: with no handles, it has the appearance of wall panelling, a trait that makes the Stave wardrobe particularly suitable for use as a room divider.
Technical data and finishes are given as rough guide only,always refer to the price list.
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Novamobili Studio
Novamobili Studio
Novamobili studio is the Novamobili department concerned with product research and design. A place where the focus is on devising new furniture solutions in line with contemporary living requirements. Here, the team brings creative flair and specialized expertise to the table to develop ideas and give designs tangible form. From concept to prototype, through those first rough sketches on the drawing board, Novamobili studio handles each stage of the process all the way through to the final configuration of products to be added to the collection.