Ecological Panel: eco-sustainability and design

Ecological Panel: eco-sustainability and design
Following the decision to use only organic water-based coatings processed from recycled plant waste, the Battistella Group — which Novamobili is part of — has also joined the Pannello Ecologico®(ndt. Ecological panel) Consortium.

This marks a further step towards sustainable and responsible design, once again adopting the circular economy model, which is good for the environment.

Made from 100% post-consumer recycled wood, the Pannello Ecologico® offers impressive aesthetic and strength qualities, making it the perfect choice for environmentally and socially aware design lovers.

With the Pannello Ecologico® over 1.5 million tonnes of post-consumer wood are reclaimed each year and converted into a valuable raw material that Novamobili uses to produce beautiful, functional and entirely eco-sustainable designer furniture.

Joining the Pannello Ecologico® Consortium is a tangible demonstration of our company's commitment to the environment and the world's forests, an act that helps save almost 3 million trees a year from being chopped down, reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A responsible and sustainable choice, ultimately supplementing Novamobili's own self-imposed rules in order to promote ecologically sustainable design in all its forms.

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