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A talk with: Makoto Kawamoto

Of Japanese descent but now a naturalized Italian, Makoto Kawamoto lives and works in Milan in the field of design, graphic design and interior architecture. For Novamobili, he has developed two new offerings for the living area.

What is your approach to the world of interior design?
Interior design is not just a q uestion of putting together function and dimensions, it involves interpreting the character o f a space's occupants and creating a synergetic relationship full of excitement.

What relations do you aim to create for home interiors?
We experience the intimacy of home through all five senses, which is why I'm always thinking about meeting man's most profound needs as I design. Regular shapes punctuated by texture and colour are easy on the eye, while perfectly crafted materials are a relaxing treat, inviting the body to flop down.

What role does colour play?
There's nothing more personal in interior design than colour. The designer's role is to discover colours that might have been forgotten but are ready to surprise you.