Bedroom with walk-in wardrobe: a complete guide

Bedroom with walk-in wardrobe: a complete guide
Do you dream about having a bedroom with a walk-in closet to store your wardrobe so you can see everything at a glance? The main hurdle is often how to get the furniture layout right and how to choose the relevant accessories.

But where to start? How do you organize your interiors for best results?

In this article, we give you all the answers, along with practical tips and lots of creative ideas to create the walk-in wardrobe of your dreams in your bedroom.



Why does everyone crave a bedroom with its own walk-in wardrobe?

There are basically four reasons:

  1. Space: a walk-in wardrobe offers more storage space than a regular fitted wardrobe;

  2. Organization: when structured properly, a walk-in wardrobe makes choosing your outfits easier and keeps the bedroom tidy;

  3. Practicality: with a walk-in wardrobe fitted out with the right accessories, you can keep everything close to hand, and save time and effort when it comes to picking out clothes and putting them away.

  4. Elegance: with its elegant design, the walk-in wardrobe adds an element of refinement and style to the bedroom, turning it into a sophisticated space that looks and feels exclusive.

There are numerous combinations when it comes to designing a walk-in wardrobe in the bedroom. Here are four ideas to inspire you.

Four ideas for incorporating a walk-in wardrobe into your bedroom

Do you want to design or revolutionize your boudoir by combining the bedroom with a walk-in wardrobe? Here are some creative ideas for carving out space for a functional wardrobe tailored to your requirements:


Use sliding panels or doors to create two separate spaces

This solution allows you to create an area just for the walk-in wardrobe and hide it out of view when it's not being used.

Use sliding panels or doors to create two separate spaces

This solution allows you to create an area just for the walk-in wardrobe and hide it out of view when it's not being used.



Place the walk-in wardrobe behind the bed

You can create an alcove specially for the walk-in wardrobe in one easy step by simply adding padded wall panelling, turning your bed headboard into a unique feature in the process.

Make the most of wall space by installing fitted wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes help you optimize spaces, leaving the rest of the bedroom clear.



Choose open shelving

The ideal solution if you like to have your favourite clothes and accessories on display and keep everything close to hand.

Three reasons for choosing a custom walk-in wardrobe

Choosing a custom walk-in wardrobe brings numerous advantages compared to standard solutions.

  • Customize to your heart's content: you can select the materials, sizes and internal features that meet your requirements and reflect your style.

  • Optimize spaces: a custom design lets you make the most of every last available centimetre, for improved organization and unbeatable efficiency.

  • Quality and longevity: with a custom walk-in wardrobe, you're investing in high-quality materials that provide the peace of mind that comes with a solution built to last.

We're going to finish up here with a collection of misgivings and misconceptions about walk-in wardrobes, which often stop people from choosing this solution.

Want to bet that at least one of these claims sounds familiar? Carry on reading for answers to the most commonly asked questions!

Misconceptions about walk-in wardrobes: here are the answers

"Walk-in wardrobes are only suitable for large bedrooms"

With the right planning and modular, space-saving solutions, you can create walk-in wardrobes even in smaller rooms, making the most of every available corner.

"Walk-in wardrobes are expensive"

While some designer walk-in wardrobes can be on the more expensive side, the market has some more affordable options, too. You can actually customize the furniture to suit your budget, choosing appropriate materials and organization systems without skimping on quality and functionality.

"Walk-in wardrobes are hard to organize"

 Quite the opposite! A well-designed walk-in closet can make organizing your wardrobe easier. You can choose from a range of internal accessories, like shelves, drawer units, hanging rails, shoe racks and partitions to keep everything tidy and within easy reach. Check out this link for practical tips on organizing your wardrobe.

"Walk-in wardrobes are just for clothes"

A walk-in wardrobe is not limited to just storing clothes. With the addition of functional, modular features, it can actually provide a home for your whole wardrobe (including shoes, accessories and beauty products).

Have any other misgivings or don't know where to start?

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