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tops and trays

Tops and trays are accents that add a stylish finishing touch to the living room.

The top with Side side panel, the top with upstand, the Tray-C recessed tray, and the tray top (all designed by French designer Philippe Nigro) are accessories that provide visual continuity and add an elegant touch to the rooms they are part of. Designed to sit on modular base units and storage units, they are available in various finishes from the catalogue.


Novamobili studio

"Functional spaces that help us organize and find a place for those little everyday items."


* Finishes are given as a rough guide only, always refer to the price list.

Matt Lacquered
Matt Lacquered339 artico
Matt Lacquered357 SENAPE
Matt Lacquered325 oceano
Matt Lacquered351 MAGNOLIA
Matt Lacquered300 bianco
Matt Lacquered342 foglia
Matt Lacquered330 grigio
Matt Lacquered352 PIOMBO
Matt Lacquered303 tortora
Matt Lacquered345 timo
Matt Lacquered331 visone
Matt Lacquered354 TIGLIO
Matt Lacquered310 quarzo
Matt Lacquered348 granato
Matt Lacquered333 sabbia
Matt Lacquered353 BLU NOTTE
Matt Lacquered314 corda
Matt Lacquered347 marino
Matt Lacquered341 cenere
Matt Lacquered355 GINEPRO
Matt Lacquered318 nero grafite
Matt Lacquered346 foresta
Matt Lacquered344 avio
Matt Lacquered356 SANDALO
Matt Lacquered324 fango
Veneersn03 noce canaletto

Living Collection

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