How to furnish a small bedroom with style

How to furnish a small bedroom with style
The need to optimize costs and save on bills has led to a growing number of homes being designed with smaller floor plans than in the past; and while this approach undoubtedly has many advantages, it can make it awkward to furnish the interiors. 

More specifically, when you find yourself planning furniture for a small bedroom, you might struggle to come up with a functional layout for the various items, with the risk that you end up forgoing function and design in the process. Fear not, however, as there are some clever and practical solutions out there that can address the problem with effective results: so, here's a guide to show you how to organize furniture and choose the right pieces to create the bedroom of your dreams, even when space is tight.

How to furnish a small bedroom: storage beds

A designer bed is the focal point of any bedroom and, together with the wardrobe, is also the item that takes up the most space, which is why successfully optimizing spaces by making the most of this piece of furniture is the cornerstone on which to build a truly effective design. One of the most on-trend solutions among people dealing with a small bedroom is our friend the storage bed, which allows you to exploit the space under the mattress to store sheets, blankets or off-season clothing, keeping the room cosy and free of clutter. With a storage bed, you're essentially increasing your storage space, supplementing the capacity of other units, like wardrobes and drawer units, with handy additional volume: so, it's not so much a question of surface area, as the cubic metres you have at your disposal to maintain order and achieve an overall feeling or more space.

Alternatively, if your plan is to take up less space, you can always opt for a smaller bed, like one of the three-quarter options, though you'll need to evaluate this solution carefully based on the requirements of the home's occupants.


Custom furniture for smaller bedrooms

When space is limited, investing in custom furniture can be a smart move. The opportunity to design furniture around the actual dimensions of the room is certainly one of the best ways to optimize spaces and, at the same time, choose the design options that most closely mirror your own tastes. Fitted wardrobes that exploit the full height of the room and built-in bedside tables can maximize the available space, for example, while also allowing you to add your personal stamp.

The importance of sliding door wardrobes

Fitting a wardrobe into small bedrooms can be quite the challenge. Because this is such a large item, it can actually take up too much space and make it hard to arrange the rest of the furniture. However, it's also a key component of the bedroom, so you should look for solutions suited to your specific case so as not to miss out on any of that all-important storage space. One of the best options in this regard is that old favourite, the sliding door wardrobe, which negates the need for room to open the doors, allowing for a more efficient use of the available space. With this wardrobe choice locked in, it's time to start thinking about your ideal size in terms of height, width and depth.


Open and light-filled spaces with light-coloured wallpaper

In addition to furniture, lighting and colours play a crucial role in small rooms as they have the power to visually expand or shrink the space. Our top tip, then, is to always opt for light-coloured wallpaper or paint in soft tones to create a light and open feel. When it comes to pattern, you can go for subtle designs or neutral shades that add style without visually weighing down the room, while remembering to exploit to the full, where possible, any natural light coming into the room from outside.

Wall-mounted bedside tables for a modern look

Freeing up floor space is another trick to make small rooms feel more airy, which is why suspended or wall-mounted bedside tables are such an on-trend design option right now, especially in modern homes. This solution makes the bedroom look more spacious and adds a modern touch to the decor, without having to leave out such an important piece of furniture. In the event the space is so small that there's no room for bedside tables, another idea worth considering is a storage headboard, which does a similar job to bedside tables.



Multipurpose storage units to maximize order and style

Order is key in any home, even more so in smaller ones, where even just a handful of superfluous items can make an interior feel cluttered and claustrophobic. So, when furnishing a small bedroom, it's important to really think about incorporating multipurpose storage units, like occasional tables and ottomans that open to reveal storage — or even the bed headboard itself — serving dual functions. In addition to being visually attractive, they provide that valuable extra space for storing personal belongings, so you can leave just your essential items sitting out.

How to choose a furniture layout for a small bedroom

Once you’ve determined the key features that the furniture for a small bedroom needs to have, there's still one last point to address, namely, how to arrange the various pieces. Settling on a smart furniture layout is essential to avoid creating confusion and to make the most of every last centimetre in the room.

For example, the bed should always be placed so that there's space down both sides, at the same time trying to leave enough clear circulation space to keep the room from feeling crowded. Floor space should be left as clear as possible, using wall-mounted solutions to make the room feel visually lighter, while if you need a desk, it's best to choose a folding or hide-away option that you only open out when needed.

Using mirrors can make a room feel more open, and the same goes for wall lamps and sconces, which free up space on the bedside table. Lastly, be sure to harness all the natural light you can, making sure you don't put anything in front of windows or balconies that obscure them, even partially, so that your furniture layout doesn't end up creating areas in shadow.

Following these tips, transforming a small bedroom into a harmonious, functional space is child's play: so, why not start trying out these ideas straight away so you can make the most of your haven of relaxation.