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Hinged door


The Alfa hinged door wardrobe allows you to tailor solutions to suit any space requirements and individual needs.

The Alfa hinged door wardrobe allows you to tailor solutions to suit any space requirements and individual needs. The Alfa wardrobe can be recessed, set against a wall or fitted in a corner arrangement.


Novamobili studio

"A linear design that sits well in any space."


* Finishes are given as a rough guide only, always refer to the price list.

Matt Lacquered
Matt Lacquered345 timo
Matt Lacquered300 bianco
Matt Lacquered340 caffé
Matt Lacquered325 oceano
Matt Lacquered330 grigio
Matt Lacquered346 foresta
Matt Lacquered301 avorio
Matt Lacquered341 cenere
Matt Lacquered331 visone
Matt Lacquered347 marino
Matt Lacquered303 tortora
Matt Lacquered344 avio
Matt Lacquered333 sabbia
Matt Lacquered348 granato
Matt Lacquered310 quarzo
Matt Lacquered339 artico
Matt Lacquered334 cascata
Matt Lacquered349 pesca
Matt Lacquered314 corda
Matt Lacquered342 foglia
Matt Lacquered335 tangeri
Matt Lacquered318 nero grafite
Matt Lacquered343 cipria
Matt Lacquered337 ocra
Matt Lacquered324 fango
Gloss Lacquered
Gloss Lacquered444 avio
Gloss Lacquered418 nero grafite
Gloss Lacquered439 artico
Gloss Lacquered430 grigio
Gloss Lacquered400 bianco
Gloss Lacquered443 cipria
Gloss Lacquered433 sabbia
Gloss Lacquered401 avorio
Gloss Lacquered447 marino
Gloss Lacquered434 cascata
Gloss Lacquered403 tortora
Gloss Lacquered449 pesca
Gloss Lacquered440 caffé
Gloss Lacquered410 quarzo
Gloss Lacquered441 cenere
Gloss Lacquered414 corda
Eco-wood42 rovere grey
Eco-wood43 rovere brown
Eco-wood71 rovere gessato
Decor39 eco malta
Decor45 rovere naturale
Decor02 primofiore canapa
Super Matt
Super Matt31 ecrù seta
Super Matt12 quarzo seta
Super Matt37 bianco seta
Textured40 millerighe perla
Textured24 abete
Melamine07 gesso foil-wrapped
Melamine36 tortora foil-wrapped

Wardrobes and Walk-in closets

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