Philippe Nigro

French designer born in Nice, he splits his work time between France and Italy. After studying Applied Arts and Product Design (LTGC, Antibes - La Martinière, Lyon - Boulle, Paris), Nigro embarked on his career working alongside De Lucchi, collaborating on numerous product, furniture, lighting, interior design, event and stage design projects. Since 2005, various experimental works have been supported by VIA (a French organization promoting innovation in furniture design) and some can be found among the collections of the Centre Pompidou and Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. In 2014, he was responsible for the exhibition design of the 7th edition of the Trienniale Design Museum "Italian Design beyond the Crisis" and he was awarded the title Designer of the Year by Now-Maison & Objet. His work's distinctive stamp comes from the pairing of experimental research with a pragmatic analysis of "savoir faire", a trait that has allowed Nigro to take on many and varied design challenges and address the different aspects of design.

“My journey to the finished model always starts with a sketch.”

“I feed off my surroundings: seeing an exhibition, watching a film, going on a trip and I put all these things into the design.”

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    Philippe Nigro presents Pontile

    With its distinctive modularity, the Pontile system can adapt to suit the space requirements of a whole host of different situations, becoming a solution capable of offering alternative storage options in various rooms of the home, such as the study, kitchen, bedroom, etc. "In this case, it was the colour that inspired me, or rather, the extensive range of colours and finishes that Novamobili has managed to develop over the years and that I wanted to incorporate into this design" Philippe Nigro points out. "The idea is to give the user the freedom to choose the colour of the shelves and allow the colour to be extended to the uprights, which constitute the real backbone of the design. Made up of extruded aluminium profiles, these elements are designed to accommodate a front strip - in the chosen finish or colour - and house cables for wiring, where necessary, or allow the height of the shelves to be adjusted, hiding the holes.
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    A talk with: Philippe Nigro

    The distinctive stamp of Philippe Nigro's work comes from the pairing of experimental research with a pragmatic analysis of the savoir-faire of the clients he works with. Following the presentation of the special project Archives at last year's International Furniture Show, the French designer has once again teamed up with Novamobili, designing a new modular shelving system that is flexible in its configuration.
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    Novamobili at Fuorisalone 2016 with Philippe Nigro

    As part of Milan Design Week, Novamobili is presenting a special project entitled Inspirationals, which looks into the potential of the wall system and its infinite possible forms: 3 designers give their take on the wall system's flexibility and function, informed by their own personal sensibilities, aesthetic and vision.


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