design Studio Gherardi

Precise, geometric and stylish, the Quarantacinque collection features a modern design and meticulously defined details. Colour options are rovere terra and rovere miele, with lacquered glass top on request.

Order shapes pared-back geometries.

Studio Gherardi

Architect and designer, founder of architectural practice Studio Gherardi (est. 2000) and contributes to Battistella Group since 2012. read more
Studio Gherardi


  • c20 bianco
    c20 bianco
  • c37 tortora
    c37 tortora
  • c48 grigio
    c48 grigio
  • c49 sabbia
    c49 sabbia
  • c50 cascata
    c50 cascata
  • c31 rosso
    c31 rosso
  • c53 caffé
    c53 caffé
  • c54 cenere
    c54 cenere
  • c55 avio
    c55 avio
  • c44 nero grafite
    c44 nero grafite
  • n02 rovere miele
    n02 rovere miele
  • n01 rovere terra
    n01 rovere terra