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Oct 2020

Living Collection and Home

Novamobili presents two new catalogues: one showcasing living room solutions, and one featuring a photographic portrayal of two homes, designed around the spaces' distinctive features, their setting, and the personalities of their everyday occupants.

The Living Collection catalogue illustrates Novamobili's latest take on the living room through a series of schemes designed using storage units, bookcases and sideboards. The arrangements are set in eleven different homes, the character of which is determined by each home's location. From the Paris apartment to the Sardinia villa, from the Tuscan farmhouse to the Hong Kong penthouse, the solutions conceived by Novamobili stand out in all their cross-functional splendour. These same interiors will be home to occasional furniture and bedroom systems in the coming catalogues.
The focus is on the following products: Box 18 and Box 12, versatile storage units used to produce both storage walls and custom sideboards; Wall 30 and Wall 12 bookcases, and Pontile . The finishes are elegant and refined: standouts include the rovere and noce canaletto veneers, set off against natural finishes like clay, marble and lava stone.

The Home catalogue builds on the emotional draw of Novamobili's payoff - Home System Daily Inspired - to illustrate two homes and the daily lives of the people who live there. A young couple's penthouse in the city featuring a refined, contemporary colour scheme, and a former mill in the hills, the home-cum-studio of a contemporary dandy. The aesthetic and functional qualities of the furniture are expressed and enjoyed to the full from the lounge to the bedroom, taking centre stage in the photos.

Download the Living Collection catalogue

Download the Home System Daily Inspired catalogue