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A talk with: Philippe Nigro

The distinctive stamp of Philippe Nigro's work comes from the pairing of experimental research with a pragmatic analysis of the savoir-faire of the clients he works with. Following the presentation of the special project Archives at last year's International Furniture Show, the French designer has once again teamed up with Novamobili, designing a new modular shelving system that is flexible in its configuration.

What does designing for other people mean?
For me, designing furniture and objects for other people essentially means designing the same objects for myself. Our everyday is made up of repeated actions, habits, which is why I think a furniture project can establish a sense of attachment and trust with the user. Because it is this attachment that ensures an object will stand the test of time.

What role do objects have in relation to the space?
The functionality of the space relies on the objects themselves, on their ability to blend in with the room and adapt to needs in terms of reconfigurability and the choice of materials and finishes. These characteristics, the flexibility, are key to creating a relationship between the user and object.

And in relation to the domestic environment?
For me, a nice home is a place where the various elements create a flexible, casual environment. Where new and old objects - accumulated over a lifetime - can live harmoniously side by side, because it is in the contrast and the seemingly improbable juxtaposition that surprise and intimacy between man and his environment are born.