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A talk with: Matteo Zorzenoni

The style that is his hallmark and has made him one of the most promising Italian designers is his continuous exploration of materials and discovery of their unexpected potential. With his particular attention to detail and constant research in the world of high-quality craftsmanship, Zorzenoni has designed five new living room products for Novamobili.

What's your idea of home?
I love a light and airy house that's home to just a few, quality pieces.

What role do you give colour in designing your interiors?
Colour is a key element and an integral part of the design: the same room produced in one colour rather than another can create a completely different look.

How do you use it in your designs?
In my designs, I often use a colour with a neutral base, but that still has a certain amount of character; the rest of the furniture will stay with the main shade, with the odd accent colour in objects I want to stand out.